Gorilla Grass Upgrades Llanharan War Memorial 

In autumn this year Gorilla Artificial Grass Ltd. had the privilege of upgrading the Llanharan War memorial with artificial lawn.

The memorial was built in the 1920s and commemorates the residents of Llanharan who were killed or pronounced missing in action during various wars.

On the front (south) face of the pedestal are the 19 names of the First World War dead engraved in black letters within a sunk panel. The list extends on to the plinth to which has been added names of the dead in the Afghan War, and the sides have dedication inscriptions in English and Welsh.
On the rear face, the dead of the Second World War (30 names) and the Korean War are engraved above an inscription on the base recording the movement of the monument to its new location in 1960.

Llanharan Community Council asked us to take on the project with the aim of making the memorial easily maintainable and attractive, so we did!
The old turf that was surrounding the Llanharan War Memorial was lacking vibrancy, so we replaced it with our 38mm Mountain Gorilla Grass to make it glorious again.

We knew that the residents in the local area would love the make-over and that it would hopefully encourage more people to visit the memorial.
Our artificial grass has a spectacular 10-year guarantee, so it is sure to keep any area looking fresh for years. Gorilla Artificial Grass Ltd hopes that our grass has given the memorial a new lease of life, and we hope that everyone in Llanharan will enjoy this very special memorial for years to come.

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