Winter is coming...

Winter is coming...

…but our grass will keep your garden looking spectacular all year long!

If you think that artificial grass is just for the summer months, you are wrong! In this blog I’m going to tell you why!
Gorilla Artificial Grass have had a fantastic summer and we are about to have a really busy winter too! When the weather turns cold and winter hits us, there are many benefits to having Gorilla Artificial Grass:

No Mud
Whether you have children who like to play in the garden, rain or snow, or have pets that like to get their paws dirty, Gorilla Artificial Grass is a great way to keep mud and mess at bay with ease.
As well as this, artificial grass is a perfect way to eliminate water-logged areas due to it’s fantastic draining capabilities. This means that your garden can be enjoyed by the whole family all year round!

Gorilla Artificial Grass has non-slip technology (that real grass doesn’t have)! Natural grass can be extremely slippery during heavy rainfall and snow, but thanks to modern technology, our artificial grass is safer for people to use all year round making it perfect for children to play on.
You can also add shock pads underneath the grass, which adds an extra bounce and is great for areas under children’s swing sets and adventure areas.

Looks Healthy All Year Round
With the weather in the UK being so unpredictable, artificial grass won’t develop bare patches like natural grass does, which means no matter what the weather is like, it’s going to look fantastic all year long. Our grass has built in UV technology which means that even in the hot summer months, your grass won’t fade or discolour.

Low Maintenance
I bet you’re thinking that there must be a catch, to having all of these benefits from artificial grass, but there isn’t!
Our artificial grass is extremely low maintenance, which means that there’s no mowing, trimming or watering, and no exhausting edging either.
We even add a weed barrier underneath the artificial grass, to prevent any weeds growing through. How easy is that?!

For all ages
Our grass is excellent for children, and we would certainly recommend our products to the elderly. We think it’s important for our elderly to enjoy their fabulous lawns without the heavy and strenuous upkeep of real grass.

One thing that you do need to bare in mind is that the better quality grasses, (such as those we supply and fit at Gorilla Artificial Grass), are thicker at the root base and are generally a sturdier product.
So after being kept bound tight on a roll for 5/6 months, the ground needs to warm up before you will get the best visual effect from them. Therefore, if you have grass laid between October and March. It may mean that the grass does not immediately brush up as well. Forcing the matter will not help, as too much pressure on the grass in cold weather could cause damage to the blades.

Once the outside temperature reaches around 15/16 ͦc, (around April time), the grass will spring up and appear bouncier, ready for the summer!

Regular brushing will help to maintain the bouncy, soft appearance. In addition, any creases left from the grass being kept on a roll, can generally be brushed out after a few weeks once it has been allowed to settle. Pouring some warm water over the area can also solve the problem.

If you would like a winter free of grass grief, then please email or call 0800 999 6665 for more information.

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